Mirissa - The Rainy Season

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Mirissa is one of the best places to visit and stay in Sri Lanka. Mirissa has it all and is definitely is not just about the beach.

I highly recommended you rent a bicycle and take time to venture in land and explore the many lagoons, backwater ways and the beautiful Garadu Gaga lake. As a start you can head towards Mirissa train station, cross over the railway lines and enjoy getting lost in the many passage ways that lie in between the paddy fields and lead to Weligama.

Cycling gets you closer to nature and you'll get to see so many exotic birds in their natural habitat, buffalos cooling down in the mud, monitor lizards crossing your path and many other exotic creatures.

I personally love Mirissa during the wet season and I would go as far as saying that I feel that Mirissa is even more beautiful in the rainy season.

When is the rainy season?

  • On average, November is the wettest month.

  • On average, February is the driest month.

  • In a nutshell, the best time to visit the south coasts and hill country is between December to April

  • May tends to be quite wet whilst June, July & August are considered like the second season enjoying much less rain. ut let's not forget Sri Lanka is a tropical island with lush jungles, lakes and rivers so rain can fall at anytime but the sun is never so far away.

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Mirissa is not just about the beach t if you explore the jungle side you'll be amazed by the beauty that lies within.

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